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  • MyInnerGo Weight

  • €139

    • Weight Management
    • Metabolism and Macronutrients
    • Caffeine
    • Lactose Intolerance
    • Celiac Disease Predisposition
  • MyInnerGo Weight+Sport

  • €199

    • Weight Management
    • Metabolism and Macronutrients
    • Caffeine
    • Lactose Intolerance
    • Celiac Disease Predisposition
    • Sport Performance
    • Micronutrients
  • MyInnerGo Sport

  • €139

    • Sport Performance
    • Micronutrients

How to order?

Taking a DNA sample is quick, easy, and painless!

Instructions and test kit will be sent conveniently to your home!

How to do our genetic tests?

1) Place an order
2) We will send you DNA test kit and instructions
3) Take your DNA sample
4) Send it back to our laboratory
5) Wait for your results


Watch and learn how to collect a saliva sample for DNA analysis.


Why Choose Us?


Personalised reports and expert recommendations


Secure and private online environment

Backed by science

Personalised reports and recommendations are based on up-to-date scientific research

Most genetic markers

Highest number of genetic markers analysed per each topic

International shipping

We offer worldwide shipping

Tested by many people

Many people in the world have used genetic testing and the feedback has been very positive

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Articles about nutrition, sports, science and personal stories.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Being a vegetarian it’s important that I pay more attention to the foods I am eating. Because my diet differs a lot in terms of foods it’s essential that I still get all the nutrients my body needs. I decided that I wanted to be totally sure I was getting the right nutrients and minerals. So I got my genetics tested to check for any increased risks that I might have by missing out on any nutrients or any micronutrients. It highlighted that my profile showed an increased risk for selenium and vitamin A deficiency. Meaning I need to look at foods that contain more Vitamin A and monitor the foods that contain selenium. These minerals and nutrients help keep my levels optimal. Using this information I can now select my food ingredients and resources much more carefully. Concentrating on more of how I am eating and when. Its definitely worth doing as it helps me understand more about my bodies needs.”

Elis Loog

"Healthy eating is a big part of my lifestyle and my profession, yet genetic testing has enabled me to discover more personal information about myself, which cannot be found elsewhere. I was pleased to find out that my previous assumptions about what foods are good for me were confirmed by my genes. I also really enjoyed the recommendations and recipes."

Kristel Viigipuu
Professional Sportsman, Biathlon

"3 week update on my genetics training, I have gained 0.8kg but, I’ve lost 6cm from fat sites and gained 22cm in areas I want such as arms and shoulders including an inch on each arm so must be a good weight gain. Never have I had results so fast in my training and my diet could have been a little better as I have struggled to get the protein percentage in but done some reading over the weekend to get it spot on. And my lifting has increased by 116.5kg so overall very happy. "

Liam Mitchell
Personal Trainer

After taking the myInnerGo gene test and following the guidelines I started to lose weight and results were visible. I am very happy and now I know what kind of food my body needs to be healthy and beautiful. This test changed my lifestyle.

Kristi Berggren
Head of Communications

The information I got from the myInnerGo gene test has really opened my eyes to what I can potentially achieve! This for me is critical knowledge, knowing what your body doesn’t like, what it doesn’t need but also what it does need and uses best, it is like having the winning lotto ticket.

Stephen Finlayson
Strength and Conditioning Coach/PT

"myInnerGo has given me the ability to know my full potential, increase my strength, increase hypertrophy and all in all, makes me feel so much better about my training and nutrition. "

Lucy Ellis
Personal Trainer
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